Voice Overs

Can I teach you to develop a deep, rich, and resonant voice? No, but you can rent mine. With what has been described as “an NPR or PBS voice,” I’ve done voice-over work for everything from political campaign commercials, to industrial training films, to on-line instructional programs. Recent voice-over work includes on-line training for Emerson Process Management, the Texas Environmental Excellence Awards, and a pilot for a potential PBS program called Writers at Work. So the next time you need a “voice for hire,” give me a call.

Speech Writing

If you’ve ever been asked to deliver a speech or a public presentation of any kind, you may have been tempted to just “get up there and wing it.” This is almost always a bad idea. It doesn’t matter how well you know your material; almost no one can “wing it” well. The truth is great speeches are written, not improvised.

Unfortunately, few people have the experience or the skill to write a good speech. So unless you are one of the rare few who can actually put your ideas on paper, and edit them tightly for clarity and comprehension, you should hire someone who can.

I have written speeches for all manner of professions--even for other professional speakers. I have received comments from clients such as:

  • “You ‘captured me’ better than I could.”
  • “Your precise editing allowed me to cover more ground than I ever thought possible.”
  • “You have a real talent for writing with my voice and the listeners’ ear in mind.”

Speech Polishing

If you have already prepared a speech but suspect it can be better, give me a call. Whatever your speech needs--humor, drama, clarity, brevity--I just may be the guy who can add it. I don’t promise I can improve every speech, and I’ll tell you if I can’t help yours. But for most people, I can make a bad speech better and a good speech great.

Speech Coaching

Even if you have a well-written speech, it won’t do you any good if you can’t deliver it well. I offer one-on-one coaching services for speakers of all skill levels. As a former award-winning classroom teacher and as a World Champion speaker, I know how to make an average speaker good and a good speaker great. Speech coaching services can be structured as an on-going process or on a per-presentation basis. There is no pre-set curriculum; you tell me what you need to work on, I’ll evaluate your current skills, and we’ll proceed from there.

Some speech coaches will try to coax you into a style that may not be right for your personality. I don’t do that. My job is to help you present your message in the best way, while letting you...still be you.

When deciding if I am the right speech coach for you, consider this: After winning the Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking in 1990, I have coached seven subsequent World Champions and dozens of finalists. This is a record unmatched by anyone else. Of course, this could sound like bragging, but as baseball Hall of Fame pitcher Dizzy Dean said, “It ain’t bragging if you really done it.”