Presentation Skills Programs

The ability to make an effective presentation is one of the most important skills you can possess. Professionally or personally, it can spell the difference between your success or failure. Let me teach you how to elevate your presentations from average to exceptional.

PowerPoint to the People

How Not To Sabotage Yourself with Bad PowerPoint Presentations

A bad presenter who uses PowerPoint is still a bad presenter. In fact, in many cases, the undisciplined use of PowerPoint makes a bad presenter even worse. This one-hour program is not intended to show you how to use PowerPoint. Instead, this program is for people who think they know what they are doing, when in fact, they’re doing just about everything wrong.

Among the topics to be covered:

PowerPoint is not a substitute for preparation.
It is a grave mistake to say “I don’t need to practice--all my notes are on the screen.”

Information Trumps Animation, Every Time.
“Cute” animation at the expense of information is the mark of a very bad presenter.

No One Will Be Impressed With Your Sound Effects.
Superfluous sounds are simply annoying. The most important sounds should be from you.

No One Will Be Impressed With Your Slide Transitions.
As soon as people start noticing your slide transitions, your message is lost.

Don’t Turn Your Text Into an Electronic Ransom Note.
Compacting, contorting, squeezing or skewing perfectly good type is never a good idea.

Length of program: 1 hour

Better Photographs In a Snap

How to take business photos like a pro

In today’s work environment, anyone can become a “staff photographer” without warning. Even if your only previous photographic experience involved birthday cakes and candles, there will be times when a photo must be taken...and the only one to do the job is you. But, even though you can point and shoot, can you capture images worth publishing in your magazine or on your website? With a little training, yes, you can.

Among the topics to be covered:

Click the Shutter; Don’t Pull the Trigger
Learn why a wall is rarely a desirable background.

Nobody Likes a Flasher
Learn why a flash is frequently unnecessary and usually undesirable.

One More! One More!
Film used to cost pennies a frame; digital photographs cost even less. Don’t skimp; don’t scrimp. Discover how many shots it could take to get one usable one.

Group Shots: How and Why
News publications hate them; business publications depend on them. So, if they’re a business essential, learn how to do them well.

The Award Presentation: How and Why
News publications call it a “grip and grin” shot. You won’t find them in Newsweek, but award presentation shots are a business publication essential. Better learn to do it right.

The Black Hole of Photography
Learn the one place a photographer should never be found.

Length of program: 1 hour

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