PowerPoint to the People

How Not To Sabotage Yourself with Bad PowerPoint Presentations

A bad presenter who uses PowerPoint is still a bad presenter. In fact, in many cases, the undisciplined use of PowerPoint makes a bad presenter even worse. This one-hour program is not intended to show you how to use PowerPoint. Instead, this program is for people who think they know what they are doing, when in fact, they’re doing just about everything wrong.

Among the topics to be covered:

PowerPoint is not a substitute for preparation.
It is a grave mistake to say “I don’t need to practice--all my notes are on the screen.”

Information Trumps Animation, Every Time.
“Cute” animation at the expense of information is the mark of a very bad presenter.

No One Will Be Impressed With Your Sound Effects.
Superfluous sounds are simply annoying. The most important sounds should be from you.

No One Will Be Impressed With Your Slide Transitions.
As soon as people start noticing your slide transitions, your message is lost.

Don’t Turn Your Text Into an Electronic Ransom Note.
Compacting, contorting, squeezing or skewing perfectly good type is never a good idea.

Length of program: 1 hour