E-mail Etiquette

It may be sent electronically, but business standards still apply

Just because technology has changed the speed and method of delivery, the rules of communication have not. An e-mail is a piece of business correspondence, no matter how it is delivered. In short, e-mail is not an excuse for sloppiness or carelessness. Learn how you may be guilty of both.

Among the topics to be covered:

Emoticons: the Mark of a Truly Uninspired Writer
Man has written letters for centuries. The emoticon has been around less than two decades. How did we ever communicate with out them? Quite nicely, actually.

Sometimes It’s Quicker to Pick Up the Phone
“I’ll dash off a quick e-mail.” (Reply) “Now I’ll dash off a reply to their response.” (Reply) “Now I’ll respond to their reply.” When does it end?

I Got Your Answer; What Was the Question?
Learn why “Include sender’s message” is something everyone appreciates.

Not Everyone Wants to Hear From You
“Reply All” is frequently used but often unnecessary. Learn to keep your personal messages personal.

ALL CAPS Does Not Mean You Are Shouting
It just means you are lazy.

Note: This is not a program on how to use Outlook or similar e-mail programs. Instead, it is a program to encourage sound business communication principles, no matter how the message is delivered.

Length of program: 1 hour