Catch Mistakes Before They Catch You

Even if it's not in in your job description, proofreading is still your job

Up for a challenge? Proofread the following four sentences:
Neither Diane or Bob were able to attend the meeting. Bob sited 3 reasons he was not their. He said: “I except responsibility for my absense and will do every thing possibile to insure my my presents at the next one”. He said he felt badly about missing it since his vote could of prevented the dispersement of unecessary funds for what he considers a “wastefull use of taxpayers money.

If you didn’t find 20 errors, you need this refresher course.

Among the topics to be covered:

Where Mistakes Are More Likely to Occur
Most mistakes occur in two places in a document. Learn where and why.

How to Create a Favorable Proofreading Environment
Proofreading depends on attention to detail. Learn how to facilitate and enhance focus.

What Reference Materials Are Good to Have on Hand
Learn the three reference books or websites you can’t live without.

The 3-Step Approach to Proofreading
You’ll catch more mistakes if you focus on these three sequential steps.

The “Backward Way” to Catch Spelling Errors
Learn to force your brain to slow down and look at each word independently.

Length of program: 1 hour