Business Writing in Plain English

Learn to Write Painlessly, Persuasively, and Professionally

Writing need not be difficult, but many people try to make it so. The process of writing should be natural, and the product should be clear and concise. By focusing on timetested, fundamental skills, you can learn to write effectively and efficiently in this practical program for today’s business communicator. Among the topics to be covered:

Getting started-fast
Organize your thoughts quickly without worrying about traditional outlines.

Using your natural voice to motivate a response
Discover how your personality and tone affect your ability to persuade. Learn the difference between your “speaking voice” and your “writing voice.”

Conveying your message with precision and tact
Learn how the “one-minute barrier” affects your opening paragraph. Discover where the “power positions” are in a letter and how to use them. If you have to divulge bad news, learn which sequence typically works best.

Editing for brevity, clarity, and power
Too much of today’s business writing is needlessly complex. Learn to simplify. Learn to eliminate pretentious and unnecessary words that can cause confusion.

Focusing your message on the reader’s needs
Discover the value of second-person pronouns in motivating a response. Learn to use journalism’s classic five W’s to help you identify your reader’s needs. Learn why the meanings of words lie in the mind, not in the dictionary.

Emphasizing essential elements of your message
Discover why your effectiveness can depend on the verbs you choose. Learn to put the important elements of each sentence in the proper positions.

Length of program: 1 hour, 2 hours, or 3 hours.