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Website Design and Implementation
Eric Ogburn, Pixelfork

Graphic Design
Kim Brill, Brill Graphic Design, Inc.

CD Packaging and Duplication
Jason Countryman, Pocket-Pak

CD Packaging and Duplication
Mike Marquardt, Affordable Sound

Videotaping and Video Editing
Larry Brill, Brill Media

Videotaping and Video Editing
Bill Stephens, Bill Stephens Productions, Inc.

Merchant Accounts
(To allow you to accept credit cards)
James Komosinski, Practice Pay Solutions

Recommended Products to Record Your Own Disks

David uses a mini-disc recorder to record every presentation to review and critique. Clips of his live performances were captured on the mini-disc recorder, then edited on his home PC before being turned into the audio CDs available on this site (see Products page). To create your own audio CDs like his, David recommends:

Sony mini-disc recorder Model MZ-N707
This model has been discontinued, but is still worth looking for. Originally a $200 item, this could be purchased for about half that if used but in good condition. You may be able to find one at or on Ebay. Caution: Do not buy a mini-disc player that does not have a microphone input. The microphone input is what makes this a speakers’ tool.

Lapel microphone for mini-disc recorder
The mini-disc recorder cited above does not come with a microphone. You will need to purchase a mike with a 1/8” pin (also called a mini-pin) connector. An inexpensive, but effective, lapel mike will cost about $25-40.

1/8” pin to 1/8” pin patch cord
To take your audio recordings from your mini-disc recorder into your computer you will need this cord. Connect one end of the cord into your recorder’s “headphone” jack and the other end into your computer’s “Line In” or “Microphone In” port on your sound card. This cable can be purchased from Radio Shack for just a couple of bucks.

Adobe Audition software
Formerly known as Syntrillium’s Cool Edit, Adobe Audition is an audio editing program that allows you to capture the recordings you import from your mini-disc recorder into your computer. It is a sophisticated program with a fairly steep learning curve. But with a little experimentation, you can learn to edit audio like a pro.