Just For Laughs

If you enjoy Jay Leno’s “Headlines” segment on the Tonight Show, then you’ll love this presentation. I’ve assembled my own collection of funny signs, advertisements, and instructions that I’ve gathered over the years. They’re all real and they’re all really funny. This light, lively presentation is exceptionally well-received as an after-lunch or after-dinner program because it’s loaded with good, clean fun.

A Failure to Communicate

A Very Funny Look At Times We Don't Communicate What We Thought We Did

“What we have here is a failure to communicate.” That’s a classic line from an old movie, but it’s also a situation we encounter daily. How many times have you been sure you were communicating clearly...only to find that the other person didn’t have a clue what you said or meant?

It happens all the time, often with amusing consequences. That’s the focus of this highly entertaining program. Filled with hilarious headlines, strange signs, puzzling performance reviews, and curious conversations, this fun-filled presentation is perfect as after-lunch or after-dinner entertainment. It’s light, lively, and very funny.

All the humor in this program is clean, fresh, and original. And it’s all real. Among the lighthearted points I make:

Humor is a matter of attitude and observation.
You don’t have to tell jokes to have a good sense of humor.

Humor is abundant.
A day without a laugh is a day you weren’t paying attention.

Humor is good for you.
When we laugh, we relax. When we relax, we learn.

Humor should be shared.
Find the things that make you laugh and then find a way to share them.

Length of presentation: 30-40 minutes

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