Field of Dreams

How I Learned to Create Opportunities, Face My Fears, and Go Places I'd Never Been Before

On the mound was Nolan Ryan--one of the greatest pitchers to ever play the game. And he was throwing the me. Yes, I actually got to catch a game pitched by the great Nolan Ryan. It was a dream come true.

So how did this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity come to be? That’s what this presentation is all about. I saw an opportunity; I committed myself to attaining my goal; I worked persistently to increase my chance of success; I challenged a lifelong fear; and I pushed myself to a place I had never been before. It’s a real story that illustrates timeless principles that all successful people know.

This story is not just for baseball fans, and certainly not just for men. Instead, this is a story for those who dare to dream, but lack the commitment or courage to get in the game. It’s motivational, and a lot of fun. Among my points:

Dreams can be deceptive.
Everyone dreams; few act. But a dream without a plan of action is merely wishful thinking.

Commitment and persistence are the key.
Everyone has the will to win. But precious few have the will to prepare to win. Preparation is often tedious, often boring, but always necessary.

Are you letting fear hold you back?
Examine the fears that keep you from accomplishing your goal. Confront them.

Sometimes things don’t turn out as you planned.
Occasionally, even though you do everything right, you still fail. Then what?

Length of presentation: 40-45 minutes