Been There, Won That!

The Luckiest Guy in the World Explains How You Can Be a Winner in Anything You Do

I’m a lucky guy. That is, I win things. Lots of things. In fact, you may never meet anyone who has won more prizes, contests, or games of random chance than I have.

And it’s not just a solo act, either. My wife is equally lucky. Together, the two of us are so unusually lucky that we claim to be the luckiest couple in the world. From vacations to vacuum cleaners, from artwork to auto parts, from mattresses to make-overs, with the exception of the lottery, you can name a prize and there’s a pretty good chance that we’ve Been There, Won That!

What’s the secret to our rare good fortune? That’s what this speech is about: the art of winning. But I’m not just referring to winning prizes; the principles I use apply to any competition, any goal or any dream. By telling stories of a few of our favorite “wins,” I explain such strategies for success as:

Expectation leads to outcome.
Are you letting pessimism control your destiny? Most people do. And most people lose. If you’ve ever said “Oh, I know I could never do that,” you’re right.

Focus on possibilities, not probabilities.
Winners believe “Somebody’s going to win. It might as well be me.” Losers talk themselves out of opportunities just because the chances of success are slim.

Begin with the end in mind.
Winners are never surprised to win. They visualize a successful outcome from the start. It’s not enough to just get in the game; once you’re in, believe you can win.

Winners depend on second chances.
Losers are those who are quick to say “I tried, I failed, I quit.” Learn why we often learn more from failure than from victory.

Length of presentation: 40-45 minutes