Now, this is unique

Everybody has a story according to one of my audio programs. But some have better stories than others.

I had the privilege this week of spending time with a young man whose story is unique. His name is Sean Aiken and he’s almost finished with a year-long project in which he has held a different job every week for the past year. Actually, he just completed week 50 as an association executive in Austin, Texas. Next week he “enlists” in the Canadian Air Force and in his concluding week he will be Mayor of his hometown, Port Moody, British Columbia.

I encourage you to read about his grand year-long adventure at To read about his experience in Austin with my family and me, read his March 20, 2008 blog entry titled Discovering the Land of Associations. If you’re like me, you will be impressed and inspired.

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Posted Friday, March 21, 2008