4 Fundamentals of speaking

In a previous post (1-11-08) I said you must determine what you want your audience to think, feel, or do as a result of your presentation and be able to write that desired outcome on the back of a business card. So once you’ve succinctly defined your desired outcome, you must decide what techniques you’ll use. There are hundreds of techniques, but they all fall under an umbrella of four fundamentals: you speak to 1) inform, 2) persuade, 3) inspire, or 4) entertain. It can be any one, or a combination of two, three, or all four of these, but it must be at least one. Therefore, your business card statement of purpose will read: “I will persuade the audience to (complete the sentence),” or “I will entertain the audience by (complete the sentence),” or “I will inform the audience of (complete the sentence),” or “I will inspire the audience by (complete the sentence).

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Posted Monday, March 31, 2008