About David Brooks


Here are a few comments from those I have spoken to.

I’ve never had so much fun learning. If high school teachers across America could tap into your teaching skills, our teenagers would be carrying English and Literature books to school instead of guns and knives.
Lenny Wilson
Mississippi Department of Transportation, McComb, MS

Your recent program, The Language of Leadership, that you presented to Leadership Fayette County was an unqualified hit! Our members were impressed with your presentation, both from the standpoint of substance and style. The information you presented was practical, and the manner in which you presented it was enthusiastic and fun. Your program has encouraged our members to speak clearly, concisely, and confidently.
John B. Schneider
Lower Colorado River Authority, Austin, TX

Wow! Your seminar gave me more substance than all of my speech courses in college. Yours was the most innovative, creative, and interesting course on public speaking that I’ve attended.
Barbara Dorr
Keep Mississippi Beautiful, Jackson, MS

You are an unusually effective instructor--knowledgeable, approachable, and thorough. You filled the program with practical information while making it fun.
Casey Anderson
Bank One, Dallas, TX

Your humor and interjectory remarks helped make what could have been a “ho hum” English class for adults into a challenging “I can write that!” seminar. It is always a very satisfying feeling to have a speaker who exceeds one’s expectations.
Shirley Flora
Keep Opelika Beautiful, Opelika, AL

Thank you so much for entertaining me and educating me at the same time. It was a rare experience.
Kari Robertson
Keep Mississippi Beautiful, Jackson, MS

I am an attorney who has given many continuing education presentations. Although I consider myself an accomplished public speaker, I gleaned many useful bits of information that I intend to incorporate in future presentations. Your outstanding program was well worth my time.
James D. Bethke
Special Counsel for Trial Courts, Austin, TX

While I’ve had years of training in public speaking and experience on both radio and television, I learned even more from you.
Sami Barile
Keep America Beautiful, Morristown, TN

Our staff was extremely impressed with the professional manner in which you conducted your presentations. Each participant agreed that the content was extremely beneficial and that the information they received could be put to use immediately. Not only were the exercises practical and useful, but your sense of humor made the class a most enjoyable experience.
Mark Sassman
Texas Department of Public Safety, Austin, TX

You captivated the audience and their enthusiasm showed in the standing ovation you received.
Robbie Munt
The Co-operators, Calgary, AB

The response to your presentation was fantastic. You will be pleased to know that you are now quoted often about the importance of keeping communication simple. It is obvious the audience enjoyed both your message and your delivery.
Joe Dunlavy
Cessna Chapter, National Management Association, Wichita, KS

I teach homebuyer education and do at least two presentations a month. I used to get very nervous, but I am moving past that. Now, as you suggested, I am more “concerned with my message.” Your presentation gave me a very clear starting point to achieve this.
Brandy L. Weinzierl
The Village Family Service Center, Fargo, ND

You packed more usable information in one hour than most speakers do in twice the time, and you presented it with humor and style. It is easy to see how you became a World Champion of Public Speaking.
Janet Kauhs
Professional Women of SBC, Austin, TX

Each time you have presented a session for our teachers and/or students, you have received rave reviews and requests from our participants for future presentations. The ease you have with this diverse audience in just another indicator of your skill as a presenter.
Chris Funderburgh
Texas Future Problem Solving Program, Austin, TX

Attendees commented that your material was relevant, practical, and delivered in an interesting, relaxed, and humorous manner. One even said that the key elements will be “forever embedded” in her memory.
Susan Vacula
North Austin Medical Center, Austin, TX

In my many years of membership, your speech Saturday morning was the finest I have heard. It was filled with practical information that I will find so helpful in speech preparation, as I am sure all will who hear your talk. Truly, it stood as the mountain above the plains!
Don Ensch, DTM
Toastmasters International Director, 1981-83

It’s been nearly two months since the Gulf Toastmasters Annual Convention in Muscat, Oman, and the Jordan Toastmasters believe it’s never too late to say thank you. Thank you for your speeches on those two days. They were uplifting and very informative. Your presence at the convention made us Jordan Toastmasters appreciate more what public speaking is all about, especially to new clubs like ours in our region. We also enjoyed your company during the dinner. Your humor and positive and friendly nature were appreciated and will be remembered.
Manahel Massis
International Toastmasters Club of Jordan

I have seen people become expert at speaking, but have little to say. This is not the case with you. I found your presentation inspiring and informative--and gave me something substantial to take home.
Datta Groover
Ashland, Oregon

Thank you for two reasons. First, for helping me take my speaking to the next level. And, second, for your generosity--not just the generosity of the information you shared, but also the generous spirit with which you share it. My favorite clip on the Magic Moments DVD is that of Sandra Zeigler’s..."The great ones go back.” In my mind you have become one of the great ones.
Jeff Venable
Modesto, CA

I came away with volumes of new information that will help me in every future presentation. I hope you had as much fun as I had.
Charles Brooks, DTM
District 30 Governor, Chicago